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A skirt that shapes and enhances your curves

Rita Phil skirts will be your favorite go-to skirts, and here's why: you'll get that perfect made-for-your-curves fit that can either enhance or minimize your hips and butt.
How? We have created a unique pattern system that we use to make a different pattern for each and every skirt. We not only create skirts to fit your measurements, our system also considers your proportions and height, to give you a truly perfect fit.
With just 3 simple measurements, you can experience the luxury of couture fashion without the celebrity price tag!

Rita Phil custom skirts


Danielle M.

"Thank you so much to the Rita Phil team. I really appreciated the attention to detail and extra care I received. Thanks for noticing my proportion difference (my very long legs) and adjusting the skirt to accommodate to it and making my butt look amazing too. The quality of the fabrics is beautiful too. It looks and feels like a high quality expensive product. I’m going to proudly wear it to my client meetings and tell all my friends about it."
Rita Phil custom skirts

A quality and comfortable custom skirt

Our skirts are made of premium fabrics with just enough stretch to give you all-day comfort, with that perfectly sleek, fitted look. The lining is made of satin-blends that are scrumptiously soft. And we use production techniques that are only found in the top luxury brands, so you get a skirt that will last for years to come.

Rita Phil custom skirts