1. Wear thin form-fitting clothes such as exercise clothes

2. Stand in front of a mirror to make sure the measuring tape
is straight and parallel to the ground

3. Relax, breathe normally, and do not suck in

4. Easier with the help of a friend, but
absolutely doable by yourself







How to take body measurements





What happens next?

After taking your measurements, email us your numbers at perfectfit@ritaphil.com. Once we receive your measurements, our pattern maker will review your numbers and we will contact you if any measurements need to be adjusted for your custom skirt.

Measuring assistance

If you would like some help with taking your measurements, we would be happy to hop on a video call to walk you through the process and to get to know you a little better. Please select a time and date that is convenience for you here.

My body is unique

If there is something unique about your body, that you would like us to know in order to adjust on your custom skirt, simply email us at perfectfit@ritaphil.com. Examples may be:


  • Long/short torso
  • Long/short legs
  • Long/short arms
  • Minimize belly bulge
  • Enhance/minimize butt
  • Smallest part of body is above/below elbow cease
  • Prefer a longer/shorter length than on the model