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Perfect Fit Guarantee

We promise that your custom skirt will fit you perfectly. If you are not happy with your custom skirt for any reason, you have several options; we’ll re-make a new custom skirt with adjusted measurements, we’ll give you a $30 credit to have any minor alterations done at a tailor near you, or you can return the product to us and we will fully credit you for the purchase price and pay for the return shipping.


Shannon B.

"I've never been able to wear a pencil skirt without feeling terrible about myself. This skirt has changed everything for me!""


Twyla L.

"I feel like a Queen! Ever since the great dress disaster of 2007, I have made it a point never to buy any plus size clothing online - until now. The skirt is so comfortable and easy to move around in."


Danielle M.

"The fit is incredible. I can’t get over the cut of this skirt it makes me look so curvy. I love it! It makes me feel so confident. Thanks so much to the Rita Phil team!"


Christy B.

"After experiencing their process and the countless compliments, I would never purchase a skirt anywhere else. I could never find a skirt that fit properly... Rita Phil has completely changed the game."