no waste policy

At Rita Phil, we believe that big things start small and nothing is too small to make an impact.

During our production process, we collect all scrap fabrics from our custom skirts and create zero waste. These scraps are then saved and turned into teddy bears.Big pieces of fabric create the outer teddy-shape while smaller fabric scraps and cotton are used as stuffing for softness.Every one on our team, from our CEO to our marketing intern, lends a hand in creating these little cuties. Each quarter our entire team visits and donates these teddy bears to local orphanages.

In 2018, we saved over 100 pounds of scrap fabric and up-cycled it into teddies!

All it takes to make an environmental and social impact is ACTION!

We saw how quickly fabric scraps turned into boxes on boxes of textile waste. Our simply solution of turning them into hand-made teddy bears enabled the scraps to be up-cycled into a cherished toy. With every orphanage visit, our team grew more passionate to this cause. There are no words to describe how fulfilling it is to make a child happy. We are so proud that our custom skirts can be a part of a bigger cause.

each teddy bear up-cycles about 1/2 lb. of scrap fabric.