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size - you

not "one-size fits all"

Not to be mistaken with "one-size fits all"! (We all know that doesn't do any one any good.)

A custom-tailored Size-You fit means every item is made to your exact measurements (including height), body shape, and preferred fit. This is how the only way to ensure a perfect fit for each women's unique body.

height: 5'11"

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2__Size you A

height: 4'8"

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2__Size you B

what's a sewing pattern?

A sewing pattern is the paper template that's used to trace onto the fabric before the fabric is cut. It's the first and most crucial step in creating any garment because it lays the foundation of the final fit and style of the item. A tailor will connect the different pieces of the fabric and sew them together according to the initial pattern's framework.

When you select a skirt design, a custom pattern is created of that skirt just for your body shape and measurements. Your information is analyzed then applied to our tailoring algorithm to create a personalized template that our tailor will use to complete your custom skirt.

how does the sewing pattern affect my final fit?

The sewing pattern is Step 1 of creating any garment. If Step 1 is wrong, every thing that follows is also wrong. If the pattern is incorrect the item will not fit properly because the fabric was cut to the incorrect specifications and the tailor will also assemble and sew the item incorrectly. 

Think of a sewing pattern as a lemonade recipe. If Step 1 of the lemonade recipe is "add a pound of salt" instead of sugar, then it doesn't matter if you complete the recipe. The lemonade will always be salty and never taste good. Similar to a wrong sewing pattern, it doesn't matter if the garment is sewn together, it will never fit properly. 

We ensure you'll always get a perfect fit that enhances your body shape by creating a customized sewing pattern for each customer. The pattern is drawn to your silhouette and made to your measurements and preferred fit.

body enhancing algorithm

How math can make you look better

We've worked with women of all different shapes and sizes 00-32- examining and understanding all the unique curves, non-curves, belly pooches, thick thighs, flat butts, short torsos, long legs, etc. We analyzed all the similarities and differences to create a set of mathematical formulas that changes with each customer's data and selected preferences. 

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2__Body enhancing

The algorithm creates and adjusts each individual skirt's sewing pattern based on your body profile images and measurements then compares them to our collected data to calculate areas of the skirt that can increased or decreased to highlight your best features and hide unwanted bulges.

the rita phil difference

Head-to-head skirt comparison with retail store size skirt

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Comparison with retail store size skirt

All skirts are custom tailored to sit at your natural waist (the smallest part of your torso). The higher waist band pulls attention to a narrower part of your body instantly creating a leaner silhouette. Personalized front darts create the tummy minimizing feature. These darts add extra fabric to the front of the skirt, reducing the pulling to de-emphasize your mid-section. The individualized curvature enables the skirt to highlight your body shape without causing tension. The personalized tapering level enables you to select how much the skirt cuts into your lower half to create your preferred silhouette.

experience your perfect fit

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"I didn't even think this was possible. I was looking at my silhouette from the side and I was just like 'I am a NEW person!" - Kristin Chirico

try before you buy

free 7-day trial of your own custom tailored skirt

We encourage you to take off the tags and give your customs skirt at least a few wears during your free 7-day trial period. If you don't, simply send it back to us. We'll pay for the return shipping too.

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Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Mimi


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