love your curves

means appreciating your body in every form

The spectrum of curves is endless. Whether you're super slim to very curvy, everyone wants and deserves clothing that accentuates their specific body shape. Two women who are the same size or even have the same measurements can have very different curves because they have different body shapes. Which shows, to have something truly fit your body there's more to consider than just your measurements.

We've worked with women of all different shapes and sizes 00-32- examining and understanding all the unique curves, non-curves, belly pooches, thick thighs, flat butts, short torsos, long legs, etc. We analyzed all the similarities and differences to create a set of mathematical formulas that changes with each customer's data and selected preferences- to create a truly perfect fit for each woman.

"When I first tried on my skirt, I seriously didn't want to take it off. It fit amazingly well and felt even better than that. With ease, this skirt molded to my curves."

- Psyche S.

"I’m 5’10 with wide hips and a smaller than average waist... Whatever fit my hips would not fit my waist, and vice versa — not to mention length issues."

- Elizabeth W.

"The skirt doesn’t twist around or ride up with walking, which is amazing. The quality of the fabric and the craftsmanship is excellent..."

- Michelle M.

universal fit problem: 


The infamous waist gap occurs when the difference between your waist and hips are less OR more than the retail store's standardize sizes. An easy way to imagine this example is if you have a waist that is a size 6 but your hips are a size 8. The common solution is to settle on the size 8 and deal with the loose waistband. 

If it happens to everyone then why don't retailers simply fix their standard sizing? Sadly, standard sizing isn't made to fit everyone. The sneaky secret is they're made to "kind of" fit all of us, just enough so we continue buying. Mass production aims to make each item as generic as possible to "kind of" as many shapes and sizes at the same time to keep cost low. 

Size charts of major fashion brands show the core problem. While their measurements are increasing with the sizes, the overall proportions of most of their sizes remain the same. So, if you have a different proportion you fall “in-between” sizes and are left with an acceptable but not perfect fit for your body. 

waist-to-hips difference 

In comparing the major brands, a difference of 9.5" to 11" inches in the waist-to-hips measurements is the average. If your difference is smaller or larger here's why bottoms don't fit you. 

removing "sizes" from the equation

Retail store sizes come with a inherit problem of not fitting everyone because they were created for one particular shape and set of measurements. Each retailer creates their products to their own ideal size and body shape- their ideal model. Once their design is complete they simply scale up and down from that ideal model to create sizes. Which means if you aren't the body shape they were creating for, even though the measurements are increasing they don't match your body's proportions.

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Comparison with retail store size skirt

At Rita Phil, each customer receives their own detailed analysis of how their skirt will be made to enhance their shape. The analysis includes not only their measurements but their proportions, fit and length preference, and fabric selection. Our team will walk you through the process of taking your measurements, provide feedback on any potential errors, and suggest length and style change if we don't think it'll work with your body shape.

All skirts are custom tailored to sit at your natural waist (the smallest part of your torso). The higher waist band pulls attention to a narrower part of your body instantly creating a leaner silhouette. Personalized front darts create the tummy minimizing feature. These darts add extra fabric to the front of the skirt, reducing the pulling to de-emphasize your mid-section. The individualized curvature enables the skirt to highlight your body shape without causing tension. The personalized tapering level enables you to select how much the skirt cuts into your lower half to create your preferred silhouette.

outfit inspirations

Pencil skirts aren't just for the office

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Give your custom skirt an edge by pairing it with a leather jacket and a killer pair of comfortable heels.

SUNDAY BRUNCH: Keep things simple and classy by pairing your custom skirt with a blouse and some accessories.

WEDDING BOUND: Let your custom skirt be the star of the show by selecting a fun print to accentuate your curves.


free 7-day trial of your custom tailored skirt

We encourage you to take off the tags and give your customs skirt at least a few wears during your free 7-day trial period. If you don't, simply send it back to us. We'll pay for the return shipping too.

Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Kell


Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Mimi


Rita Phil custom pencil skirts | Algorithm 2_Sabrina