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Happy Customer Reviews


Kristin C.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Kelly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"It truly just fits so well, and it's SO wearable and bright. THIS is what I was hoping for when I started this experiment, and so I was excited to see that both of these skirts were able to deliver on the first try."


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Suzanne V.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I'm very happy with my custom skirt and your customer service was great! I've sent an referral email to recommend you guys to 52 of my female colleagues."

Karen M.

Custom skirt #1: Stella custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"My Stella skirt fits perfectly, and is really comfortable! It never needs to be adjusted, turned back around, pulled down, or hiked up. The measurement process was really easy (how do the tailors get such a perfect fit from just a few measurements and a couple of photos?! It’s miraculous!) and the Rita Phil team was super about communication the whole time. Now the only question is which skirt to order next? ”

"This skirt makes me feel like the polished, poised professional I always wanted to be. "

Inga R.

Custom skirt #1: Tanya custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Penelope custom pencil skirt
Custom skirt #3: Elaine custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #4: Clara custom pencil skirt

"It took me a few months, but I finally had something take pictures of my most beloved skirt. It fits like a dream and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it! Thanks for enhancing my wordrobe!"

Cheryl Z.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I will forever be a repeat customer! My experience was amazing from the very beginning. The initial consult was very professional but very friendly and helpful. I honestly was not sure what I wanted except that I wanted something that was not too tight around my full hips and behind. They knew exactly what I wanted right away. When my skirt arrived I have to say I was a little skeptical as I began opening the box. I have never been able to find a skirt that fit properly, and I never buy clothes on line for fear of not fitting correctly. This was the loveliest packaging of a skirt. It was folded in a beautiful soft black pouch with the Rita Phil tag stitched on it. I had three lovely hand written notes with it. I was amazed with the look and feel of the skirt instantly! It had a lovely scent also. The lining is stitched superbly into the skirt. They even put a small hidden pocket on the inside of the skirt. Perfect for a piece of gum, a lipstick, money or credit card. I slipped the skirt on and was smiling and giggling because it was the "perfect" fit. The fabric is wonderful, it is breathable, has some give to it and just lays so comfortably over my hips and behind. The waist is a perfect fit also. This skirt is beautifully crafted, the stitching is superb. I will never have to shop for a skirt again! I will only be wearing Rita Phil! This is truly an amazing company! I am forever grateful to the Rita Phil Team! You are all truly amazing!”

"I slipped the skirt on and was smiling and giggling because it was the "perfect" fit."

Paige B.

Custom skirt #1: Irene custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I can’t praise this skirt and this company enough! I have never seen a company take such good care of their customers. They truly want everyone to have their dream skirt. They worked tirelessly with me to ensure I loved my skirt: the pattern and the fit. Rita Phil has such unique designs everyone can find one for their personality. I wore this skirt to an event where I hardly know anyone and I was filled with confidence in my appearance. I felt strong and beautiful like I could take over the world! The skirts are so high quality and fit like a glove. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It was worth every penny and more."

"I wore this skirt to an event where I hardly know anyone and I was filled with confidence in my appearance."

Diane B.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I just love Rita Phil’s services. Everything was super speedy and I can tell a lot of care was placed in my order. I appreciated the prompt communication over emails, the personal Skype call for my measurements, and the personalized notes from the head tailor. The star was definitely my skirt but the cute packaging and the fast delivery was the cherry on top. The texture of the fabric, color, and style are just perfect for my pear shaped body. I’m so happy to now have a company (and personal Rita Phil tailor) to customize my skirts to fit my body and very shortly I will order two more.”

"I’m in early 50s and let me say this that this is the best skirt I’ve had in my adulthood. I look amazing in this skirt!"

Twyla L.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt- maxi

"Ever since the great dress disaster of 2007, I have made it a point never to buy any plus size clothing online - until now. I can't recommend enough that you take the time to Skype with the amazing team at RP, they are friendly, non-judgemental, and extremely helpful with measurements so you'll get a better result with expert help. The final skirt is wonderfully luxurious, the fabrics are wonderfully tactile, the sewing lines are crisp and clean, and it's so comfortable and easy to move around in.

After a long struggle with an eating disorder, I finally want to look and feel my best even while (temporarily) being US size 4x-5x, and the ladies of RP have been so supportive of that dream."

"I feel like a queen!"

Elizabeth W.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I’m 5’10 with wide hips and a smaller than average waist, and struggled with finding an even adequately fitting skirt for the longest time. Whatever fit my hips would not fit my waist, and vice versa — not to mention length issues. When I saw an ad for Rita Phil I knew I had to give it a try, and it was an incredible experience. The first skirt fit, but I wasn’t in love, and they went above and beyond to schedule yet another Skype session to go over my measurements and wish list. I feel the product and experience was worth every penny. Thank you to the wonderful team at Rita Phil for caring for all your customers on such a personal level!"

" The new skirt is like a second skin — the fabric is stretchy but looks elevated, the length is perfect, and it manages to hug my curves perfectly while still allowing me to walk with ease."

"I've never been able to wear a pencil skirt without feeling terrible about myself. This skirt has changed everything for me!"

Shannon B.

Custom skirt: Stella custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I could not possibly be more satisfied with my experience with Rita Phil. The customer service was phenomenal -- from the easy-to-follow online video instructions, to a personal FaceTime session with Julie and the tailor who made my skirt to ensure my measurements were right, to the multiple emails back and forth to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction -- I have been so impressed with the time and effort that goes into this process. And all this is before I even mention the skirt itself! It's so comfortable, there's not a bit of stretching across my hips, and I get endless compliments on it. I'm so happy to finally be able to wear this silhouette without worrying about it riding up or looking too tight. I'll definitely be a repeat customer."

Elizabeth P.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I cannot recommend Rita Phil enough. My experience buying from them was simply the best shopping experience I've ever had. I generally hate shopping for clothes as I have such a difficult time finding things that fit properly. I sent my measurements in an email and got a call from Julie (who is so helpful and sweet). The seamstress was there with her, and we measured my (weird) proportions together over FaceTime just to make sure. It was a very personalized customer service experience that I was not at all expecting.

I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was! The skirt arrived in a beautiful silk pouch (that smelled lovely) with a handwritten note tucked in. SO. CUTE. The fabric was high quality and the craftsmanship was gorgeous. I can't wait to buy my next skirt!I've never been big on wearing skirts but now that I can get affordable, stylish, well made, and custom fit clothes I am definitely making an exception"

"The skirt fit like a glove, and felt thick and sturdy. No weird dimples, no panty lines, no bunching or stretching."

Clara C.

Custom skirt #1: Dorothy custom pencil skirt

"I don’t have a picture of my own skirts —yet, but here is my daughter (with her pug, Blanche, who refused to stay out of the pictures.)

My daughter is a college student. Despite the fact that she would love to wear mini-skirts, she can never find any that fit. She's very tall, so the skirts in the stores are either too short or oddly long. And they just don’t fit her proportions. I sewed a lot growing up and I have studied the workmanship of her Rita Phil skirt. There's really nothing like it out there. The quality of the fabrics, construction, and fit are all amazing!"

"Her Rita Phil skirt is her FIRST mini-skirt that fits her perfectly. She loves it! We'll both be wanting more skirts soon!"

Nicole G.

Custom skirt #1: Jennifer custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Stella custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #3: Kimberly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #4: Chrissy custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #5: Helen custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I am so glad I found Rita Phil! I love pencil skirts, but always thought I couldn't wear them because of my shape (big butt and thighs, relatively small waist.) My Rita Phil skirts fit me perfectly - fitted, but not tight - and I feel amazing when I wear them. The quality is so much better than anything you can buy off the rack, and being able to choose the fabric, lining and style details means I get exactly what I want and never worry about seeing anyone else wearing the same thing. I can't recommend Rita Phil highly enough!"

Danielle M.

Custom skirt #1: Kelly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"Thank you so much to the Rita Phil team. I really appreciated the attention to detail and extra care I received. Thanks for noticing my proportion difference (my very long legs) and adjusting the skirt to accommodate to it and making my butt look amazing too. The quality of the fabrics is beautiful too. It looks and feels like a high quality expensive product. I’m going to proudly wear it to my client meetings and tell all my friends about it."

"The fit is incredible. I can’t get over the cut of this skirt it makes me look so curvy. I love it! It makes me feel so confident."

Cindy E.

Custom skirt #1: Elaine custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Claudia custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I am so happy I found you gals. The fit of my skirts are just wonderful. I’m absolutely in love with them. Please thank your lovely team for me. I’ve told all my girlfriends about Rita Phil.

I was worried about getting custom-made clothes online because I wasn’t sure how it was going to really fit my body but Rita Phil has reassured me everything is going to be fine. The measuring process was much easier than I thought. I really appreciated the one-on-one attention from the customer service team. I found it amazing that your tailor was able notice that my waist measurement was off by a couple inches just by looking at my picture. Overall, it was such a great experience and I love my skirts."

"The skirts are so comfortable I wear them to work all the time. The quality of the fabrics and the craftsmanship is amazing."

Meagan D.

Custom skirt #1: Gwendolyn custom pencil skirt
Custom skirt #2: Helen custom pencil skirt

"I love my skirt! The fabric is great: luxurious but also appears to be durable (I like clothing that is classy and goes the distance!). I feel great in the skirt and have been able to dress it up for work or down for the weekend. I already can’t wait to get another one!"

Michelle M.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I'm beyond thrilled with my new custom skirt from Rita Phil. The fit is impeccable; unlike the mass market skirts I've bought in the past, there's no shifting or bunching, and it's as comfortable to wear as a pair of old jeans. Because it's well made of quality fabric, it's also hand washable at home, which is a huge money and time saver over dry cleaning. I love Rita Phil's custom ordering model and can't wait to buy more from this great company! I wore it for the first time all day today. Comfortable, didn't ride up, flattering. I will be ordering again, and I am just so happy with the skirt I have."

"Truly, it is one of the favorite items of clothing I have ever owned!"

Caroline C.

Custom skirt #1: Tara custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"The lining is so much softer than I expected and makes the skirt very comfy. I am amazed by the quality and fit of my skirt. I did not expect this from an online company. The process was easy and simple and the skirt arrived so quickly. Thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me pick the right fabrics. Great customer service!"

"I'm amazed by the fit, it hugs me like a perfect glove but isn’t tight or uncomfortable at all."

Susanne P.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Kimberly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"While searching for stores that carry skirts for tall woman I came across Rita Phil. I am thick waisted and can never get skirts to fit in the hips and struggle to find the length I need. I was intrigued with the custom skirt idea. Julie answered my many questions. I took a chance, ordered the black Lillian skirt and was so glad I did. I now also have the Kimberly skirt and am about to order a third skirt. The quality of the skirts is amazing.The skirts are very comfortable. This is a great company with great customer service and outstanding quality."

"The lining is beautiful; I almost want to wear the skirt inside out to show it off."

Jessica C.

Custom skirt #1: Kimberly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2:Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful service. The skirts are so beautiful please thank your team too. I don't even know where to start to explain the quality of these skirts. The fabrics are soft and thick but aren't heavy. They help to hid all the lumps and bumps and create a smooth overall appearance, which I extremely appreciate. The fit is really perfect."

"I am so impressed with my custom skirts! They hug my body but aren't tight and somehow gave my flat butt some life while still hiding my tummy pooch."

Stephanie M.

Custom skirt #1: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2:Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I have only positive things to say about my experience. The customer service is exemplary. When a tailor spotted a potential discrepancy in my measurements, the team set up a skype call to guarantee the accuracy of my measurements. All responses were quick and thoughtful. The skirt itself is masterpiece. The fabric and craftsmanship are of the highest quality. The fabric does not cling, bunch, wrinkle, or lose its shape throughout the day, and the stitching and seams are flawless. And it actually fits!"

"It is comfortable while sitting and walking, and there is never a gap at the waist or stretching across the hips.
I've never felt more confident in a pencil skirt."

Crystal L.

Custom skirt #1: Vivianne custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Kimberly custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #3: Clara custom pencil skirt

"I’m absolutely in love with my skirts. The fit is amazing. They’re all fitted to my body but not tight at all and so comfortable. The lining is very soft and doesn’t ride up which is a really important detail for me. I finally realized why the website stresses the “enclosed lining” as a special feature. I’ve worn other skirts with linings that aren’t attached so they separate as I walk. Then I’m constantly having to reach up my skirt and pull it down throughout the day. But with Rita Phil skirts stay together and stay put which makes it so much more comfortable and easy to wear all day.

The customer service is amazing. They are so responsive and attentive. I got my measurements wrong the first time so my skirt didn’t fit. Rita Phil’s customer service responded immediately to my email offered to get on a video chat with me to help me take new measurements so they can remake the skirt. I felt so cared for and the second skirt came a week later and fit like a glove! So I immediately bought 2 more."

Huyen T.

Custom skirt #1: Josephine custom pencil skirt
Custom skirt #2: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"The quality of the skirt’s fabric and stitching is impeccable. It feels so luxurious. I am blown away by how great my skirt feels and fits. The fit is perfect. I’m very petite, so even when I buy things that are categorized as “petite” they are usually still too long. I loved that I was able to tell the tailor to make it to my preferred length. I felt like I had a personal tailor walking me through the process of making my skirt."

"I love wearing my skirt to work. It's fun and stylish in a subtle way and most importantly so comfortable, I'm amazed every single time I put it on."

Bonnie M.

Custom skirt #1: Charlene custom pencil skirt (Black)
Custom skirt #2: Charlene custom pencil skirt (Blue)

"I love the skirt. It is a great fit. Thanks for the lovely skirt and I will definitely tell my friends and family."

Desiree R.

Custom skirt #1: Elaine custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"It fits in all the right places without being overly tight in any one area, which I honestly didn’t even think was possible to achieve from an online store. I can barely find clothes that fit properly from stores where I can actually try on the clothes.

Let’s start with the fabrics of this skirt. It feels super luxurious. The lining fabric is silky smooth on your legs and the main fabric looks and feels like high quality materials. I also have to mention the awesome customer service I received. They were so nice and patient. I was really skeptical about the entire process so I had so many questions but they answered it all. We must have emailed over 20 times. They made me feel reassured and when my skirt arrived I was not disappointed at all. I really love it!"

"This skirt feels absolutely amazing. I can’t even explain how comfortable it is. I feel so confident in it."



Elena P.

Custom skirt: Sarah custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I am so happy I found [Rita Phil]. I have a really small waist and I prefer clothes with a looser fit. It’s almost impossible to find something that will fit my waist and still be comfortable on my thighs. I loved that you have different types of fits for the skirts and when I wrote in my fit and length request in notes section someone actually emailed me back to confirm and offered more options. It was nice to feel like they cared."

"The skirt fabric feels great and the fit is perfect. Overall a great experience. I’ll be buying again soon."

Angelica L.

Custom skirt #1: Tara custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #2: Elaine custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)
Custom skirt #3: Lillian custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"Super happy with my experience with Rita Phil! I've got a difference of 12 inches between my waist and hip measurements, so buying skirts and pants have always been a challenge for me. These skirts hug and accentuate my curves perfectly. The lining not only comes in fun colors, but has such great stretch! I feel so comfortable and confident when I wear my skirts. These classic, well-fitting, and high quality pieces make a great wardrobe investment!"

"Besides the perfect fit, I can't rave enough about the luxe fabrics and lining. Definitely premium quality materials that you have to see and feel for yourself."