happy reviews

kristin chirico

"It truly just fits so well, and it's SO wearable and bright. THIS is what I was hoping for when I started this experiment, and so I was excited to see that both of these skirts were able to deliver on the first try."  

Jessica M.

"Every-time I put on my Rita Phil skirt my husband comments on how great I look. My height is 4' 10" and I have an incredibly difficult time finding clothes. One of those staples that stylist say you should have in your wardrobe is a pencil skirt because they look great on every body type. 

Finding one in my size that fit me appropriately was proving to be an impossible task. Then I found Rita Phil. I love this skirt and it fits me perfectly. Exactly how a pencil skirt is supposed to fit your body, like a glove. I have to also add that the customer service you get is none like I have never experienced. Rita Phil works hard to get it right. I highly recommend purchasing a Rita Phil skirt, you won’t be disappointed."

valli N.

"Thank you Rita Phil Team for another amazingly comfortable and perfectly fitting skirt. 

Your eye for detail and meticulous stitching is fabulous!"

amelia C.

"I've never been able to fit a pencil skirt before as my waist and hip measurements don't match off the rack sizing, no matter how much I wanted to wear that look. Speaking to the ladies at Rita Phil over Skype made me feel so supported. I was really nervous about taking my measurements and they walked me through the whole process and made sure I understood how the skirt would look and feel with my chosen options. 

I've never worn a skirt that fits me so well and I couldn't stop smiling when I put it on. It's so comfortable and breathable and makes me feel and look more professional. I'm really looking forward to building a wardrobe full of Rita Phil skirts and plan to order several more!"

laura B.
"Skirts don't often fit me well. I have more of a rectangle shape without many curves. Skirts will often be too tight in the waist and loose in the hips. The majority of the time I just size up and deal with it. But Rita and Phil doesn't believe you need to settle for those average sizes. They make a pattern for each customer based on their measurements. Each garment is marked and cut by hand to ensure a perfect fit."
rebecca l.


And not only does it fit, but I feel absolutely amazing. I feel so great in this skirt! I love the style, too. It will work for many different events. The neutral color will mix and match with my current wardrobe, and the fabric is seriously soft. I can't tell you how happy I am with my skirt. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!."


"I am still amazed by the quality, fit, and feel of this skirt from Rita Phil! When I took it out of the packaging, I was in awe with the style and the quality of it! They even wrote a cute little note. I couldn't wait to try it on, and the fit was just perfect <3 It even smelled good! 

You can really see the attention and detail they had when creating this skirt! This is truly a skirt made with love and care!"

michelle m.

"Rita Phil skirts have absolutely saved my professional wardrobe. My hip to waist ratio is not conducive to standard sizing, so before finding Rita Phil, I was stuck buying skirts that fit my hips but then required major alterations to get the waist to fit correctly. Now, I am able to get a skirt that fits PERFECTLY on my waist, hips, and length with no alterations. 

The skirt doesn’t twist around or ride up with walking, which is amazing. The quality of the fabric is excellent and the craftsmanship is phenomenal - the skirt looks and feels like a top quality business professional skirt. The customer service is excellent as well. Any questions or issues I had were addressed quickly and thoroughly."

cheryl z.

"I will forever be a repeat customer! My experience was amazing from the very beginning.  I have never been able to find a skirt that fit properly, and I never buy clothes on line for fear of not fitting correctly.  

When I first slipped on my Rita Phil skirt on and I was smiling and giggling because it was the "perfect" fit. The fabric is wonderful, it is breathable, has some give to it and just lays so comfortably over my hips and behind. The waist is a perfect fit also. This skirt is beautifully crafted, the stitching is superb. I will never have to shop for a skirt again! I will only be wearing Rita Phil! This is truly an amazing company! I am forever grateful to the Rita Phil Team! You ladies are all truly amazing!”  

shannon b.

"I've never been able to wear a pencil skirt without feeling terrible about myself. This skirt has changed everything for me. 

I could not possibly be more satisfied with my experience with Rita Phil. The customer service was phenomenal -- I have been so impressed with the time and effort that goes into this process. And all this is before I even mention the skirt itself! It's so comfortable, there's not a bit of stretching across my hips, and I get endless compliments on it. I'm so happy to finally be able to wear this silhouette without worrying about it riding up or looking too tight. I'll definitely be a repeat customer."



My skirt looks amazing and fits like a love! I usually have a hard time finding pencil skirts that fit both my small waist and my booty, but this one fits both comfortably."


"After received a beautiful skirt that perfectly fit me. The fabric has just the perfect amount of stretch in it to ensure it’s comfortable, but still keeps its shape flawlessly."


"All the seams and every little detail was made with care, and you can actually see that. I couldn't be happier with how this skirt looks.

paige b.

"I can’t praise this skirt and this company enough! I have never seen a company take such good care of their customers. They worked tirelessly with me to ensure I loved my skirt: the pattern and the fit.

I wore this skirt to an event where I hardly know anyone and I was filled with confidence in my appearance. I felt strong and beautiful like I could take over the world! The skirts are so high quality and fit like a glove. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It was worth every penny and more."

danielle m.

"The fit is incredible. I can't get over the cut of this skirt. It makes me look so curvy. It makes me feel so confident. I love it! 

I really appreciated the attention to detail and extra care I received. Thanks for noticing my proportion difference (my very long legs) and adjusting the skirt to accommodate to it and making my butt look amazing too. The quality of the fabrics is beautiful too. It looks and feels like a high quality expensive product. I’m going to proudly wear it to my client meetings and tell all my friends about it."


"I cannot recommend Rita Phil enough. My experience buying from them was simply the best shopping experience I've ever had. 

It was a very personalized customer service experience that I was not at all expecting. I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was! The skirt arrived in a beautiful silk pouch (that smelled lovely) with a handwritten note tucked in. SO. CUTE. The fabric was high quality and the craftsmanship was gorgeous. I can't wait to buy my next skirt!I've never been big on wearing skirts but now that I can get affordable, stylish, well made, and custom fit clothes I am definitely making an exception."

twyla l.

"The Rita Phil team are friendly, non-judgmental, and extremely helpful. The final skirt is wonderfully luxurious, the fabrics are wonderfully tactile, the sewing lines are crisp and clean, and it's so comfortable and easy to move around in. After a long struggle with an eating disorder, I finally want to look and feel my best and the ladies of RP have been so supportive of that dream. I feel like a Queen!"

christy b.

"Rita Phil absolutely altered my opinion on pencil skirts. I always favored wearing pants because I could never find a skirt that fit properly or more importantly, stayed in one place when walking.  I love my RP skirts! Their customer service, stylish selections, overwhelming attention to detail and packaging of the skirt, makes you feel like an A-list celebrity.”

audra N.

"I'm pear-shaped, with a small waist and wide hips, and just on the cusp of petite/not petite, so finding pencil skirts is nearly impossible. 

I'm very happy with the two Rita Phil skirts I purchased, which fit great, are comfortable, and feel high-quality. I was especially happy that I could specify the level of tightness and the exact length so I could hit that golden mean between frumpy and looking like I'm about to hit the club."


"We tend to accept the endless loop of wearing clothes that don’t really fit us because most stores sell clothes that are made for "average" sizes. Rita Phil has broken the cycle by improving on the fit of your clothes and giving you items that you actually want to wear because it makes you look your best!"


"It fits perfectly and I love the design and material."


"If your waist and hips are two completely different sizes then companies like Rita Phil are godsend because they provide custom fit skirts made to your measurements. I'll definitely be wearing this pencil skirt to work often! It's comfortable and stretchy so I don't have to walk like my legs are restricted like other pencil skirts."

Elizabeth W.

"I’m 5’10 with wide hips and a smaller than average waist, and struggled with finding an even adequately fitting skirt for the longest time. Whatever fit my hips would not fit my waist, and vice versa — not to mention length issues. When I saw an ad for Rita Phil I knew I had to give it a try, and it was an incredible experience. I feel the product and experience was worth every penny. Thank you to the wonderful team at Rita Phil for caring for all your customers on such a personal level!"

karen m.

"This skirt makes me feel like the polish, poised professional I always wanted to be. My skirt fits perfectly, and is really comfortable! It never needs to be adjusted, turned back around, pulled down, or hiked up. The measurement process was really easy (how do the tailors get such a perfect fit from just a few measurements and a couple of photos?! It’s miraculous!) and the Rita Phil team was super about communication the whole time. Now the only question is which skirt to order next?”

helen N.

"I love wearing my skirt to work. The quality of the skirt’s fabric and stitching is impeccable. It feels so luxurious. I am blown away by how great my skirt feels and fits. The fit is perfect. I’m very petite, so even when I buy things that are categorized as “petite” they are usually still too long. I loved that I was able to tell the tailor to make it to my preferred length. I felt like I had a personal tailor walking me through the process of making my skirt." 


"I am wearing a Jennifer skirt of Rita Phil and it is the first time I feel I am sexy with a very conservative skirt. Also that easy going vibe that comes with no longer needing to hold my breath for a photo!"


"Rita Phil then manufactures everything in their in-house studio and then ships it directly to their customers. It fits me very well. The key to their high quality products is in the perfectly executed details."


"I was excited, it looked really pretty with the faux leather panels and the side slit. I noticed a big difference when I put the skirt on."

peyton P.

"Absolutely in love with the way this skirt fits me! I feel so confident wearing it and it's so comfortable.

I'm quite tall and have never been able to find skirts that are MY perfect length. Everything is always too short. I'm so happy to finally have a skirt that fits me perfectly."

caroline L.

"I'm amazed by the fit. It hugs me like a glove but isn't right or uncomfortable at all. The lining is so much softer than I expected and makes the skirt very comfy. Thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me pick the right fabrics. Great customer service!"

susanne P.

"I am thick waisted and can never get skirts to fit in the hips and struggle to find the length I need. I was intrigued with the custom skirt idea. The Rita Phil customer service team answered my many questions. I took a chance, ordered the black Lillian skirt and was so glad I did. I now also have the Kimberly skirt and am about to order a third skirt."


"Every their skirt is truly a labor of love. The key to their high quality products is in the perfectly executed details - they use classic hand-stitched techniques found only at the most exclusive designer brands."


"When I first tried on my skirt, I seriously didn't want to take it off. It fits amazingly well and felt even better than that. Best fitting pencill skirt ever! With ease, this skirt molded to my curves."


"This skirt came from the wonderful Rita Phil, who focus on creating custom fit clothing at a really affordable, but fair, price. I always find myself taking them in whenever I buy any tailored ones, especially at the waist where they’re always too loose on me."

Duong n.

"As a super petite woman whose size is usually off the chart small (sometimes I have to find kids sizes) it's super hard for me to find a pencil skirt. When I found one, it invariably fitted weirdly and looked like I borrowed clothes from my mom!Therefore, I am very happy to come across Rita Phil in a search for my outfit for a very important interview. I cannot be more happy and satisfied with the tailoring quality of the skirt and the customer service that Rita Phil offers."

diane b.

"This is the best skirt I’ve had in my adulthood—I’m in early 50s and I look and feel amazing in this skirt. I also love the the quality of your RP services: speedy communication over emails and Skype for the measurements, the personalized notes, and the fast delivery."

cindy e.

"What an amazing concept! I can't believe I'm just discovering Rita Phil now. I love my custom skirt. The fit is like nothing I've felt before. The customer service team were such darlings. Thank you for answer my 1000 questions and not making me feel silly. I will be recommend you to everyone I meet."


"It's important to mention the high quality of the fabrics and the precision of the fitting: since the skirt and dresses are actually customized for every single person, they perfectly fit the bodies. They are thought to make every single body look amazing and to make the women who wear Rita and Phill's skirts and dresses stand out from the crowd."

"I am in love with this skirt. I have never had a tailored garment in my life and this may have completely changed how I fit my clothes from now on. This skirt fits so perfect. It is beyond comfortable and I cannot wait to style it in a million different ways. The price is well worth the product. They walk you through every step. They help you with your measurements, with the fabric you want, you are in control. I love this whole concept."

"Only other girls with big butts, and perverts that stare at the gap in the back of my jeans will understand. Jeans and pencil skirts are always the hardest. Jeans you can belt, and some brands even have curvy styles that work a little butter . . . I mean better. But pencil skirts and I have never worked out until I met Rita and Phil."

bonnie m.

"I really love my custom skirt! It is a great fit! Thanks for the lovely skirt and I will definitely tell my friends and family."

paige b.

"It took me few months, but I finally had some time to take pictures of my most beloved skirt! It fits like a dream and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it!. Thanks for enhancing my wardrobe!"

suzanne V.

"I'm very happy with my custom skirt and your customer service was great! I've sent a referral email to recommend you guys to 52 of my female colleagues."

Cynthia L.

"I’m absolutely in love with my skirts. The fit is amazing. They’re all fitted to my body but not tight at all and so comfortable. The lining is very soft and doesn’t ride up which is a really important detail for me.  The customer service is amazing. They are so responsive and attentive."

karen m.

"I am so in love with my Rita Phil skirts. After my first skirt arrived quickly and fit perfectly, I immediately started looking for another skirt to order. The ordering process was easy, and I was sent precise details on how to take my measurements- I even got a request to re-do a few of them based on my body type. That showed me the incredible attention to detail and workmanship. The customer service was so responsive and helpful too.”

mary a.

"I am so glad I found Rita Phil! I love pencil skirts, but always thought I couldn't wear them because of my shape (big butt and thighs, relatively small waist.) My Rita Phil skirts fit me perfectly - fitted, but not tight - and I feel amazing when I wear them. The quality is so much better than anything you can buy off the rack, and being able to choose the fabric, lining and style details means I get exactly what I want and never worry about seeing anyone else wearing the same thing. I can't recommend Rita Phil highly enough!"

irene t.

"With my body type, I have never ever bought a pencil skirt that really fitted well. I chanced upon Rita Phil and was so pleasantly surprised with the quality and the service. I had some difficulties getting the right measurements and they were so patient to walk me through the process via video call. 

The result? A beautiful pencil skirt with really good material and workmanship. The best bit is that it fitted like a glove and feel so comfortable. I wasted no time recommending to my friends and colleagues. I am now a convert and I believe that this will be the first of my many pencil skirts from Rita Phil."

annie h.

"I love my skirt! It fits like a glove and it's actually a proper maxi length. I've never found a skirt that was the right length and shows off my mini curves. I'm 5'9" but petite (which doesn't really exist) so it's very difficult to find anything that fits.

The Rita Phil team blew me away with the great quality of the skirt and they're amazing customer service."

Nicole G.

"I am so glad I found Rita Phil! I love pencil skirts, but always thought I couldn't wear them because of my shape (big butt and thighs, relatively small waist.) My Rita Phil skirts fit me perfectly - fitted, but not tight - and I feel amazing when I wear them. 

The quality is so much better than anything you can buy off the rack, and being able to choose the fabric, lining and style details means I get exactly what I want and never worry about seeing anyone else wearing the same thing. I can't recommend Rita Phil highly enough!"