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Rita Phil has worked with women of all different shapes and sizes 00-32- examining and understanding all the unique curves, non-curves, belly pooches, thick thighs, flat butts, short torsos, long legs, etc. (And as an all female-team, we really get it!) We analyzed all the similarities and differences to create a set of mathematical formulas that changes with each customer's data and selected preferences- to create a truly perfect fit for each woman.

The Rita Phil definition of a Perfect Fit is whatever makes you feel the most confident about your body. Our goal is to create a custom tailored fit that will enhance your best features to your preference, provide comfortable all-day wear, and high quality materials that'll last the test of time.

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We've all been shopping through the sizing system since the beginning of retail fashion and it's mostly been fine. We've come to accept that sometimes the size will fit and sometimes it won't because there aren't really any other options. Most women don't even understand why that's the case and actually blame themselves for not fitting into clothes. The real reason is that retail sizes are generally made to fit one body type and if you aren't that shape it'll fit but it won't be a perfect fit. The typical retail size body shape is a ruler shape which means if you are any other shape such as pear, hourglass, or apple then retail sizes will only "kind of" it. 

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Andrea has a pear shape body which means her waist is much smaller than her hips. Her waist is a size 4 and her hips are a size 12. Retail store sizes fit her hips but leave a large gap at the waistband making the skirt sit lower on her toro. With a custom tailored fit we are able to create a slimmer silhouette by simply enhancing her natural waist with a waistband that actually fits her. We are also able to create a more tapered fit to enhance your curvy body shape. 

how technology can create a perfect fit

At Rita Phil, each customer receives their own detailed analysis of how their skirt will be made to enhance their shape. The analysis includes not only their measurements but their proportions, fit and length preference, and fabric selection. Our team will walk you through the process of taking your measurements, provide feedback on any potential errors, and suggest length and style change if we don't think it'll work with your body shape. Once all your information and preferences are finalized it is entered into our proprietary algorithm system to create your custom pattern. Then your pattern is crossed- referenced with prior customers who have the same body shape and measurements as you and have confirmed their perfect fit to ensure that before we even begin production we are able to confidently determine your skirt will fit you. 

CROSS-ANALYSIS: body shape and measurements

All skirts are custom tailored to sit at your natural waist (the smallest part of your torso). The higher waist band pulls attention to a narrower part of your body instantly creating a leaner silhouette. Personalized front darts create the tummy minimizing feature. These darts add extra fabric to the front of the skirt, reducing the pulling to de-emphasize your mid-section. The individualized curvature enables the skirt to highlight your body shape without causing tension. The personalized tapering level enables you to select how much the skirt cuts into your lower half to create your preferred silhouette.

perfect fit guarantee

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee promises that your skirt will fit your body perfectly. If you are not happy with your custom skirt for any reason, you have 3 options: 

1) We will re-make a new custom skirt that will fit you perfectly. 

2) You can return the product to us and we will fully credit you for the purchase price. 

3) We will give you a $30 credit to have any minor alterations done at a tailor near you.

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    Pick your favorite style and fabrics.


    Send us your measurements. 


    Your custom item will be delivered at your door within 5-8 working days.


"Now, I am able to get a skirt that fits PERFECTLY on my waist, hips, and length with no alterations."

Michelle M.

"Best fitting pencil skirt ever! With ease, this skirt molded to my curves."

Psyche S.

"It makes me look so curvy. It makes me feel so confident. I love it!"

Danielle M.

"Now, I am able to get a skirt that fits PERFECTLY on my waist, hips, and length with no alterations."

Michelle M.

"Best fitting pencil skirt ever! With ease, this skirt molded to my curves."

Psyche S.

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