Butt Enhancing II Rita Phil custom skirts

Butt Enhancing

Sculpt and lift your butt, no gym-time required.

There are many different reasons why women want to be able to customize their butt’s curvature. Some women with flat butts want a perkier butt, while others prefer to keep a low-profile of their behinds. Some women with big butts want to accentuate their bums, while others want to de-emphasize it as much as possible. But it's impossible to control how your butt will look with something that is made to an "average" size. The only way to get the Perfect Fit for your body is to have it made just for you. And that's exactly what we'll do for you.

Enhance (or minimize) the curvature of your butt.

Our team of expert tailors and pattern makers will analyze your measurements and body shape to create a custom skirt that hugs your body's curvature while remaining 100% comfortable.

By creating each custom skirt to each customer's body shape, we can cut and shape your skirt to scoop in more (or less) under your butt. Your custom skirt will remain comfortable because the measurements for the waist, hips, and thighs will not change. Our tailors will calculate and reduce the amount of extra fabric under your butt to enhance your natural curves. You will notice an immediate difference in your silhouette when you wear your Rita Phil custom skirt.


Customer Reviews

I'm amazed by the fit, it hugs me like a perfect glove but isn’t tight or uncomfortable at all. Amazing skirt and wonderful customer service!

Caroline C.

Custom skirt #1: Tara custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"The lining is so much softer than I expected and makes the skirt very comfy. I am amazed by the quality and fit of my skirt. I did not expect this from an online company. The process was easy and simple and the skirt arrived so quickly. Thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me pick the right fabrics. Great customer service!"

"I've never been able to wear a pencil skirt without feeling terrible about myself. This skirt has changed everything for me!"

Shannon B.

Custom skirt: Stella custom pencil skirt (Product reviews)

"I could not possibly be more satisfied with my experience with Rita Phil. The customer service was phenomenal -- from the easy-to-follow online video instructions, to a personal FaceTime session with Julie and the tailor who made my skirt to ensure my measurements were right, to the multiple emails back and forth to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction -- I have been so impressed with the time and effort that goes into this process. And all this is before I even mention the skirt itself! It's so comfortable, there's not a bit of stretching across my hips, and I get endless compliments on it. I'm so happy to finally be able to wear this silhouette without worrying about it riding up or looking too tight. I'll definitely be a repeat customer."