7 Reasons to Love Your Curves


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Your curves and shapely silhouette is what makes your body beautiful, so embrace it! Here are 7 reasons why all voluptuous women should love and embrace their feminine body shape.

It can be hard to love your body shape when the world around you is so focused on looking a certain way. Women of all ages are encouraged to push, shove and squeeze themselves into an impossible Hollywood-inspired “ideal”. We forget that the female form is gorgeous for its individuality. There are so many things to love about your curves in all their sexy, voluptuous glory, from your health and smarts to the way you move.

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1. Your Curves are Addictive

That’s right - for the men of this world, your big hips and voluptuous bosom are just as addictive as any reward-stimulating drug.

A 2010 Georgia Gwinnett College study found that when men look at curvy woman, the part of their brain that deals with positive reward is triggered.

This is the same part of the brain that responds to drugs and alcohol.

Your curves are incredibly arousing to men and according to researchers Devendra Singh and Dr. Steven Platek, they may be the “key to sexual attraction”.

2. You Look Amazing in a Pencil Skirt

If you are shapely then don’t be afraid to show it. Curvy women are blessed with the kind of flowing, feminine figure that always looks amazing in form fitting clothes. So embrace that figure-hugging skirt or pick out your favourite pair of stylish jeans and wear them with confidence, because your hips definitely don’t lie.

3. You are Stronger and Smarter

Women who allow their body to settle into its natural shape will always be healthier than those who spend their life chasing after the media’s skeletal ideal. Fit, curvy women are stronger than their skinny counterparts in many ways. A 2005 Danish study showed that women with a fuller, more voluptuous body type tend to live longer. Other studies also show the correlation between plump hourglass figures and better maternal health. Curvy women may also be smarter - another study from the Journal of Evolution and Human Behaviour claims that curvy women have higher IQs.

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4. Your Curves Keep You Young

It’s true - even just a little bit of body fat keeps your skin looking younger, plumper and wrinkle-free. That healthy, rosy-cheeked look that we associate with our twenties.

That healthy, rosy-cheeked look that we associate with our twenties is really due to subcutaneous fat deposits keeping our skin looking full and smooth. Curvy women are known for being softer, smoother and looking more feminine, simply because of their extra body fat. Your curves may not stop the clock from ticking but they’ll definitely keep you looking young!

Curvy women are known for being softer, smoother and looking more feminine, simply because of their extra body fat. Your curves may not stop the clock from ticking but they’ll definitely keep you looking young!

Your curves may not stop the clock from ticking but they’ll definitely keep you looking young!

5. Your Curves are a Part of You

No matter how you feel about your body, it is your body and it always will be. Your curves are built on your bone structure and are dependent on how your body deposits fat - not necessarily how much fat you have. And this structural base isn’t going to change. We’re not saying you shouldn’t exercise and keep a healthy diet. What we are saying is that your silhouette is what it is, so embrace it! No one has the perfect body - only Photoshop creates perfect bodies. Confidence is possibly the most attractive trait that any person could have, so be proud and be beautiful just the way you are.

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6. Women Love Your Curves Too

Have you ever considered that you might be someone else’s ideal? Many women work just as hard to get your Beyonce-esque curves as you do to get their stick-like pins. According to Dr. Steven Platek women are drawn to voluptuous female shapes just as much as men!

There are so many diets, workout regimes, corsets and body-sculpting clothing out there for women who want to have the feminine curves that you have naturally. So love what you’ve got because, in this case, the grass is greener on your side.

7. Curvy is Not Fat

It’s such a shame that the words “fat” and “thin” come into discussions about body shape when the human figure is never that black and white. In the words of iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, curves are not the result of “eating chips on the couch”, they’re part of your genetics. Just because your body is not a straight line doesn’t mean that you are overweight. So never label yourself as “fat”, because fat and curvy are totally separate. 

So...embrace your curves!

Ok, so you get the point. And we didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know. But the problem is finding clothes that actually fit your curves and make you look as awesome as you feel inside.

Why not get something tailor-made just for you? There are so many reasons to shop custom - you decide your style and each piece is made to fit your unique curves.

You get a high-quality piece that will last for years and of course, that perfect fit that you deserve.

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February 24, 2020

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Melissa French
Melissa French

June 25, 2018

Thank you for the this informative tips and enlightenment on how to embrace their feminine body shape. Great article and content!

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Preeti Sagar
Preeti Sagar

June 25, 2018

These are really good reasons but, they are more of motivational reasons. For me the biggest reason to love my curves is the fact that I can eat what I want to eat. I am healthy I know it..if being plus size interrupts with my health, I would definitely try to do something about my size but, if it is allowing me to live my life to the fullest without chowing down on celery sticks and salads for all the meals of the day, I just love it.
Being plus size is not a shame. Those who body shame you, they might be jealous of your curves…enjoy your curves and enjoy that yummilicious burger..

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