5 tips to maintain your waistline this holiday season


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Distract your body's urge to over-indulge at the next holiday party

The holiday season brings holiday parties which brings the dreaded winter weight. We all seem to have such good self-control the other 10 months out of the year, but once Thanksgiving hits - it’s all over. For the next couple months until the next year, there is always an excuse to sneak in a “cheat meal” whether it’s at the office holiday dinner, the friends-giving, or during a restaurant’s holiday special. It’s funny how even though we all know we're being bad at some point during the holiday season, we are still surprised by the extra pounds that just "appear out nowhere" come January 1st.


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1) Be active (no matter where you are)

When you're at any gathering, remember to work the crowd: talk to people, mingle and dance. When you focus on having fun with the people around you, it won’t feel like exercise and you will be less likely to focus on the food. Remember, 'tis the season to connect with friends and family - so focus on the people!


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2) Portion control

It’s okay to have a little of everything - it’s the holidays after all! Just make sure you indulge in the variety and not the quantity. Everything looks great, so go ahead and try a little of every dish - just take half of what you normally would put on your plate. By the time you get to the end of the buffet table, you'll realize that half a scoop is more than enough to fill your plate.

If you're feeling hungry after your first plate, have a glass of water and have a few chit chats. If you're still hungry, then revisit the buffet. Most of the time, you'll find that your stomach just needed a little time to realize it was full.


3) Getting back on the wagon

Even after the third serving of stuffing or fourth slice of pie, it's never too late to stop eating. Just because you've already over-eaten doesn't mean you should continue to over-eat. Finish up the last piece of whatever you're munching on and go do something else. When you know you're full, step away from the food! You'll thank yourself tomorrow.


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4) Bring some gum

We’ve all done it, continuing to eat even after we’re full. It’s hard to stop eating when you see so many yummy treats on the table. Your mouth wants to continue to munch but your mind is screaming, “NOOOOO” (and we know who usually wins ;) ). A piece of gum or mint will help you keep busy and have amazingly fresh breath.


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5) Stay hydrated

Obviously, everyone knows you "should" drink water but do we really? Especially at a party? Well that's why you have to actively remember this tip if you want it to work. Switch out every other glass of whatever you’re sipping on for a glass of sparkling water or iced water instead. Staying well-hydrated will prevent you from over-eating and over-drinking. Keep in mind alcohol has calories too! Staying hydrated will keep your energy level up to mingle and catch up with friends and family for the entirety of the party.  


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