5 Reasons to Never Shop Store-Bought Again


custom clothes blog 2016.07.25


Buying clothes at a store can be both extremely convenient and extremely frustrating - it’s a bit of a mixed bag! All those gorgeous clothes that look amazing on the rack but never quite fit your curves and edges. That once-in-a-lifetime skirt that seems made for you until you look at the price tag. And there is the experience - the crowds, the fitting room lines and then not fitting anything you try on. A day of shopping at the mall can be tiring and disappointing! So what is the alternative?


Simple answer - get your clothes made, not mass-produced, and tailored just for you. Many women (and men) are now turning to custom made clothing, mainly for the fact that no matter your shape, your skin tone, your taste and your budget, you are bound to come out with something that screams “you” in the most flattering way possible. Something that you just love to wear. And often the cost of your new outfit will end up cheaper than if you’d gone into a store and picked it out. In fact, there are many reasons why people are increasingly interested in custom clothing, from the fit to the whole shopping experience.


1. The fit - does it sit right?

The Fit of custom clothes

"Feel confident in clothes that fit your gorgeous self!"

A very obvious and very important reason to buy custom clothes is how much better they will fit your shape than generic tops and skirts from the mall. The problem with store-bought clothes is that they tend to be made for an “average” size when there is no such thing among real women! We all have our curves or lack of curves. And this should be celebrated! If you buy something custom-fit you can, and should, talk to your tailor to select the most flattering cuts and shapes for your body type.


2. The cost - is it worth it?

The cost of custom fashion

"Look expensive in custom clothes."

Though custom clothes can be expensive, this is not the blanket rule for all custom made clothing. In fact, the process of picking fabric and getting something made just for you can often be cheaper than going into a store and buying something that is mass produced. It’s also a great value for your money: whether that custom skirt is $5 cheaper than the one in the store, or $5 more expensive, you can bet it’s worth about $50 more in its quality and its individuality.


3. The quality - will it last?

The quality of custom clothes

"Does it last?"

We touched on this in the last point - custom clothing will almost always be far better quality than store bought clothing. Reliable and self-selected fabric, careful (not mass-made) stitches and cuts, quality buckles and seams, etc. You can bet that custom skirt will stay pretty and “new-looking” for far longer than the one on the rack.


4. The identity - is it you?

The identity of custom clothes

"Create clothes that make you feel like you!"

The clothes you choose to put on your body say something about your taste. What clothes make you feel like yourself? This can depend on so many things - your career, your social circle, your hobbies, your body shape, etc. It often comes down to the cut of the clothes you wear - some women like mini skirts while others like to cover their knees, and some like their clothes to hug their hips and others like swathes of material. In reality, we choose clothes with the kind of fit that feels like it matches with our sense of self. Custom clothing is a direct expression of you: telling the world what you are all about with what you wear.


5. The experience - a bit of a treat?

"Feel gorgeous every day."

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that literally no matter what you choose to put on, you will look amazing. Honestly everything would be so easy! Finding an outfit is no fuss when everything you own has been carefully designed to perfectly fit your curves and your taste. The experience of owning something custom made is like a gift that keeps on giving.


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