Frequently Asked Questions


What if my custom skirt does not fit?

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee promises that your skirt will perfectly fit your body. If you are not happy with your custom skirt for any reason, you have 3 options:

1) We will re-make a new custom skirt that will fit you perfectly

2) You can return the product to us and we will fully credit you for the purchase price

3) We will give you a $30 credit to have any minor alterations done at a tailor near you.


How many days have after I receive my skirt do I have to decide if I want my custom skirt altered?

You have 30 days after the day your skirt arrives at your door to decide if you would like it altered.


I am a plus size women; will Rita Phil's custom skirts fit me?

Yes! Our skirts are made to your measurements rather than a generic size, so we have no size limit.


My proportions are not standard; will Rita Phil's custom skirts fit me?

Yes! Our expert tailors not only pay close attention to your actual measurements, but also the relationship between those measurements which ensures every custom skirt will fit you perfectly.


I am a plus size women; will Rita Phil's custom skirts fit me?

Yes! Our skirts are made to your measurements rather than a generic size, so we have no size limit.


I am a very tall/short woman; will Rita Phil's custom skirts fit me?

Yes! We request for your height as one of our require measurements to ensure that it will be just the right length for you. You can also request for a specific length.


Does Rita Phil make skirts for men?

Yes, we have worked with many men on their custom skirts. We will need additional measurements, as men's bodies have different proportions. Send us an email and we will walk you through the measuring process. It should take about 15 minutes


How do I select another color fabric for my custom skirt?

Simply, email us at with your chosen fabric choice.


Can I send Rita Phil my own fabric?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept fabrics from customers because the stretch and consistency for every fabric is different and may affect the finished product. We will work diligently to find you a fabric color that you prefer.





What measurements do you need?

We only need your waist, hip, thigh, and height measurements. Please use our measuring guide to help you get the precise numbers.


How do I give you my measurements?

Simply, email us at with your waist, hips, thighs, and height measurements. Make sure your use our measuring guide!


I don't trust taking my own measurements, can you help me?

Yes! Let's hop on a video call together and we'll walk you through the process. Schedule a time and date that is most convenient for you here! Email us at if you have any questions.




Shipping and returns

How much does shipping cost for a custom skirt?

Shipping is free on all orders.


Does Rita Phil ship internationally?

Yes, shipping is free worldwide on all custom skirt orders.


How long will it take for my custom skirt to arrive at my door?

Your Rita Phil custom skirt will be shipped within 2 weeks from the time we receive your measurements.


Will Rita Phil pay for returned items?

Yes, if your item does not fit and you would like to return the product for a full refund, we will pay for the return shipping.




Care instructions

How do I wash my custom skirt?

We recommend hand-washing in cold water then simply hang drying. This is the most gentle method of care and will ensure your skirt maintains its shape and fit for the years to come.

If you would rather use a washing machine, we recommend putting the skirt inside a laundry bag and using the gentle cycle with cold water. Do NOT use a dryer. Hang dry your custom skirt just like the good ol' days.

Does my custom skirt need to be dry cleaned?

No, hand-washing in cold water then hang drying is our recommended method of care.

If you prefer to dry clean, make sure to tell your dry cleaners to iron on a medium-low setting.


For more information, please email us at or give us a ring at (855) 959-0099.