Susan custom pant

  • The Susan custom pant features a modern tailored cut with wide-leg pant design.

    Mid-rise waistband


    Full length

    Comfortable stretch and recovery

    Fabric: cotton, polyester, elastane, and spandex

    Featured fabric: Jetset Blue

    Model: 5'10"

  • Measurements required:
      1. Waistband at belly button:
      2. Butt at largest area:
      3. Right thigh at largest area:
      4. Right calf at largest area:
      5. Arm from elbow crease to fingertips:
      6. Height:
      7. Along with two images of you while wearing fitted clothing: 1 of your front and 1 of your side profile.


    • Our goal is to create custom pants that perfectly fit your body – we want to add a little spring to your step because you know you look awesome! If you are not satisfied with your custom pants for any reason, you have several options:

      1) We’ll give you a $30 credit to alter the pant at a local tailor.

      2) We’ll make you a new pair of custom pants.

      3) We’ll provide a full refund and pay for the return shipping.