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Try before you buy

You're one of only a handful of female managers in the office.

We get it

You're frustrated!

You need to look professional, like you're a leader who commands respect. But you're not sure how.

It's so hard to find anything that fits your body just right. You've tried every brand out there - J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic. But things are too big in one area, and and too small in another area. Then you thought, you're pretty senior at the office now, you should spend increase your clothing budget. If you spend more money, it would fit better. So you tried Theory and DKNY. You've spent countless hours in fitting rooms, but still, nothing fits just right!

It's not your fault

You can't find that perfect fit

How do you get that perfect fit, without breaking the bank? First of all, we want to stress that it's not your body! Don't ever feel like you need to lose weight, or somehow transform your body to look great in clothes. The culprits are the fashion retailers. They simply just don't understand women's curves.

Who is this "average" woman anyway?

Hips, Butt, Belly - Every woman is different!

How can retailers expect us all to fit into the "average" sizes that they create? Retailers just don't understand that a size 10 with an ample butt has a different shape than a size 10 with side hips, or a size 10 with a full belly. Each Size 10 will never fit into the other Size 10’s clothes. Retailers just don't get it. They don't understand our needs. That's why shopping at off-the-rack stores is so frustrating and painful.

No more crowded malls, no more judgy sales people

There's a new way to shop

There's a new way to shop. This new way doesn't have any of the frustrations of regular shopping. No crowded malls. No judgy sales people. No more spending hours trying on clothes just to have nothing fit.

Just the perfect fit, without the frustrations

The unshopping experience

Unshopping is the opposite of shopping. Unshopping is when you buy any item you want and it will fit your body, perfectly. Sound awesome, but too good to be true?

The answer is custom tailored clothes. When you get your clothes custom tailored, you get that perfect fit, for your body and your curves. The only way to make sure something fits you perfectly is to have it made specifically for your body.

If you have a size 10 waist and a size 12 hips with a perky butt and wide hips -- you'll get that perfect fit. If you're 5'10" with a full belly and thighs -- you'll get that perfect fit.

Fit is the number one factor that differentiates people who look sleek and put-together. When something fits your body just right, you'll automatically look more polished, more credible, and even more fashionable.

A woman's lower body is one of the hardest areas to get a perfect fit

Why custom skirts

Rita Phil is the only company that specializes in custom tailored pencil skirts. Why pencil skirts? Because a woman's lower body is one of the hardest areas to get a perfect fit. You've got so many curves in that one area, in the back, on the sides, and in the front. It's a lot going on! That's why it's so difficult to fit this area. And the wrong fit will make you look bigger than you actually are.

Don't take our word for it - Try it out for 7 days

Finally, comfort and fit!

Now you can try custom tailoring for free. With the Try Before You Buy Promotion - you'll get a custom skirt, made to your specific measurements. Then you'll have 7 days to try it out.

And we're serious when we say try it out. Take off the tags. Wear it to work during the week. Wear it to a dinner date on Saturday and to brunch on Sunday. You will love how the luscious satin feels against your legs. You'll love the fit and how it makes your waist look smaller and your butt look firmer and perkier. And best of all, it’s super comfortable!

Can a skirt slim your belly and perk up your butt?

More than just made-to-measure

We’re a really analytical bunch of gals. So we’ve come up with a new way of creating your skirt that will make your belly bulge appear smaller, and make your butt look perkier.

No, it's not made of spandex. No, there’s no uncomfortable body-contouring fabric. It's all because we take the time to look at your measurements and your proportions. And we consider all that, along with our unique system, to make a skirt to your measurements and your proportions. It's that simple!

Try before you buy - Free shipping and free returns

Warning: You're about to fall in love

If you don't love your custom skirt, just send it back to us. It’s that simple. We pay for shipping both ways. And if you do love it, then keep on enjoying it, and your card will be charged 7 days after you received it.

Let's get started!

Pick your favorite skirt.
Select from any of our TBYB skirts.

Send us your measurements.
Use our step-by-step measuring guide.

Receive your custom made skirt
Try it free for 7 days!

If it’s not everything you expected, simply return it to us. We provide free shipping and returns.
Love it? Keep it for 35% off the original price, your card will be charged at the end of the 7-day trial.

Limit one TBYB skirts per customer.



A skirt that shapes and enhances your curves

Rita Phil skirts will be your favorite go-to skirts, and here's why: you'll get that perfect made-for-your-curves fit that can either enhance or minimize your hips and butt.

How? We have created a unique pattern system that we use to make a different pattern for each and every skirt. We not only create skirts to fit your measurements, our system also considers your proportions and height, to give you a truly perfect fit.

With just 3 simple measurements, you can experience the luxury of couture fashion without the celebrity price tag!

Rita Phil custom skirts


Shannon B.

"I could not possibly be more satisfied with my experience with Rita Phil. The customer service was phenomenal -- from the easy-to-follow online video instructions, to a personal FaceTime session with the tailor who made my skirt to ensure my measurements were right, to the multiple emails back and forth to make sure everything was completed to my satisfaction -- I have been so impressed with the time and effort that goes into this process.

And all this is before I even mention the skirt itself! With my very curvy hips and small waist, I've never been able to wear a pencil skirt without feeling terrible about myself. This skirt has changed everything for me! It's so comfortable, there's not a bit of stretching across my hips, and I get endless compliments on it."
Rita Phil custom skirts

A quality and comfortable custom skirt

Our skirts are made of premium fabrics with just enough stretch to give you all-day comfort, with that perfectly sleek, fitted look. The lining is made of satin-blends that are scrumptiously soft. And we use production techniques that are only found in the top luxury brands, so you get a skirt that will last for years to come.

Rita Phil custom skirts





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