Rita Phil fabrics are curated based on three quality criteria:
durability, comfort and drape.


We select fabrics that pass the test of time. A pretty pattern is not enough to win its way into our collection. We look for tightly woven fabrics spun from long fibers. This ensures the fabric will be sturdy and hold its shape through many wears and cleanings. We pretreat all our fabrics in-house to test for coloring and shrinkage to ensure your custom skirt precisely fits your body measurements. It’s important to us that the fabric will not dramatically stretch, shrink, or fade overtime. We want your custom skirt to look and feel as beautiful as the first time you tried it on.


In addition to a great fit, we want to ensure our custom clothes are comfortable. We base that on the softness and breathability of the fabric. We know the importance of looking at fabric in the flesh rather than from a tiny sample from a book. Our fabrics are individually hand-selected. Our team touches and feels each roll of fabric from the source. We want your custom skirt to not only look great but feel great on your body.

We also want our custom skirts to be made from fabrics that will move and adapt to your silhouette. The stretch factor in a quality fabric enables us to help any body shape create an hour-glass figure with the right combination of design and fit. Stretch is often overlooked when searching for quality fabrics. But we know from personal skirt wearing experience that stretch is vital in a comfortable outfit. Our hand-selection process ensures that we have pulled and stretched every fabric before it is made into your custom skirt. All our fabrics have a 2-way horizontal stretch which ensures the skirt will hug your body shape as you walk, stretch horizontally when you sit, then shrink back to size as you move again.


All fabrics are not created equal. A fabric that looks great for one item may look horrible on another because the drape is not a right fit with the design. Our fabric selection is curated to ensure that each fabric will work seamlessly with each custom design. The drape of the fabric is one of the biggest influencers in the overall look of the skirt. A fabric that is too thin with a soft drape is good for an A-line skirt but will make an unpolished pencil skirt and vice versa with a drape that is too stiff. During our fabric selection, our goal is to pick fabrics with drapes that are perfect for our entire collection to provide our customers with as many options as possible.